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Terms of Use

Our site was made for golfers for whom the sport is a hobby, and as such, all content on this site is free for such users. However, for professionals related to the golf industry (ex: manufacturers, golf courses, golf shops and other non-hobby related persons or companies), access to the information on this site is for a fee and by permission only.


The copyright and other rights for all posts, comments, uploaded files and other data (hereinafter referred to as "posts and other data" made by the user on RatingGate as well as HikyoriUpWEB shall remain in the possession of the user, or a third party that has given permission to the user to post on their behalf. From the point of receiving the posts and other data from the user, RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB reserve the right to freely use the information for the running of their respective sites, and also retain the right to grant permission to third parties to use the said information from the user.

RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB request the user to take responsibility for all posts and other data they put on the aforementioned websites. RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will not take any responsibility for comments or posts and other data made by the user. Additionally, RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will not bear any responsibility to check whether the posts and other data provided by the user is illegal or invalid, nor bear any responsibility to delete such posts and other data in the case that they are.

Users must not edit or rewrite any posts made by other users or distribute them. RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB reserve the right to immediately delete any posts or other data that match the above description, or are considered inappropriate.

RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB may at their discretion, edit, delete or move posts and other site information, ban users from the site or delete user accounts. RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will not bear any legal liability in the instance they decide to take the aforementioned actions at their discretion from the users of their respective sites.
In any of the following instances, RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will check the user registration information, usage history or message history, and in some cases share that information with third parties.

RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB may at their discretion, terminate their services at any time. RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will not bear any responsibility related to stopping their services.

RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will not bear any responsibility for any damages due to the contents of their respective sites, nor the user's inability to access their respective sites. In the instance that RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB gave advice of some kind, neither RatingGate nor HikyoriUpWEB will bear any responsibility if such advice is followed.
For all instances where the exemptions and limit of guarantee laid out in this usage agreement are not applicable in law, RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will be excluded to the maximum liability available within the law.

In carrying out the services and running of their respective sites, whether clearly stated or not, RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will not guarantee any of the following but not limited to them: site content and wording, the accuracy, completeness, most up to date version, reliability, usability, appropriateness of purpose of any images as well as any results that may have come from the usage of this site.

Privacy Policy

1.Acquiring Information

The following sites operated by RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB use advertising services from third parties.

  • RatingGate
  • HikyoriUpWEB

In order for advertisers to display ads of interest to the users of RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB, they sometimes utilize site access information for this site and other sites. However, personal information such as name, address, e-mail address and telephone number are never included in the information provided to advertisers.

In order to learn more about this process, please refer to the link below.

Reference: Google AdSense: Privacy Center

Additionally, in order to learn how to not have your browsing history shared with advertisers, please click the following link. By changing your browser settings, it is possible to make it so that your access information to this site and other sites is not shared (excluding some web browsers).

Reference: Google AdSense

Furthermore, in order to analyze what type of services users are interested in and the most effective method for online advertising, RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB at times use the above mentioned user data. If the reader takes issue with the usage of cookies to gather information on site users, they may switch cookies off on their web browser. However, when cookies are switched off at times some content may not function properly, so please be aware of this in advance.

2. Information Usage

Part of the information collected during registration will be used by RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB in order to develop and offer more appealing and value-added services for their users. On RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB sites, no personal information will be shared with third parties without the user's permission. Additionally, for instances other than as required by law or through compulsory requests valid in law, no personal information will be shared.

3. Sharing of Information

When using RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB's other services for individuals, personal information previously registered by the user on RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB can be used on these other sites for ease of registration. In order to notify the other services that the user has already provided their personal information, there are instances when RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB share user information inside the network.

4. Reminders when in the Community

RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB make their best effort to protect all user information stored in their systems. However, in the instance that the user voluntarily shares their personal login information or other account information within the community or in posts that can be viewed by other users, please be aware that it could lead to unintended access by third parties.

Accordingly, any personal information shared outside of the registration area provided by RatingGate and HikyoriUpWEB will be considered as outside of the protection of personal information and will be taken as fully on the user's own responsibility, so please be aware of this and take necessary precaution.