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Rating Standard

The golf club ranking carried out by this site is determined using a comprehensive criteria based on of each of the following items.

Testing by Our Pro Staff

Professional players certified by the PGA, JGTO and JGRA perform the club testing for our site. In the instance that the evaluating professional has a contract with a specific manufacturer, the clubs of that manufacturer are excluded from the testing of that player. As a result of having multiple professionals evaluating the clubs, we are able to minimize any bias from personal preference or swing type.

Testing by Our Amateur Testers

We also gather data from amateur players as well as professionals, and it is reflected in the analysis results.
We are always accepting applications for players who want to join our amateur staff.

Scientific Analysis of Golf Clubs

We scientifically analyze golf clubs.
Our company analyzes golf clubs from a variety of angles, including the location of the sweet spot, balance and weight as well as the compatibility with the shaft.

Sales for the Overall Golf Market

We acquire multiple sales data from major golf shops and pro shops and reflect this in the analysis results.

Pro Tournament Player Usage Ratio

In order to record the results as accurately as possible, we also take into account the difference between the clubs that are actually used by pro golfers (typically custom clubs) versus off the rack clubs available for normal players.

All Other Factors

We also take into account all the other available information, such as online message board entries, Q&A and other factors as much as possible for our rankings.