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The RatingGate pro staff consists of full-time and contract staff who work on building this site while also ranking golf clubs, providing information regarding the ranking, and conducting testing.
The following staff mainly determines the current golf club ranking.
For further information regarding the criteria used to rank clubs, please refer to the "Club Ranking Standard."

Club Testing and Review Staff

Contract pro staff

PGA pro members 4
JGTO former pro member 1

Full-time pro staff

PGA pro member 1
JGRA pro member 1

(As of July 24, 2013)

*RatingGate does not use any pro members from any golf organizations other than the PGA, JGTO, and JGRA.
The above seven people conduct the club testing and analysis, as well as provide relevant information and feedback among other activities.

Amateur Testers

We are always accepting applications for several amateur testers.