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Activities and Vision

Our site was made for golfers for whom the sport is a hobby, and as such, all content on this site is free for such users. However, for professionals related to the golf industry (ex: manufacturers, golf courses, golf shops and other non-hobby related persons or companies), access to the information on this site is for a fee and by permission only.

From the Administrator

It has been three years since RatingGate officially started. What started as a small site by only one person, has grown steadily into a large site that now gets between 10,000 to 15,000 page views a day. I am proud to say that PGA, JGTO and JGRA registered professional golfers now support our staff.

More importantly though, all of the precious information our users have shared on the site has become a strong pillar for the community and the site. To give one example, TRIPHAS and RYOMA's golf clubs were discovered from this site's message boards and have spread throughout Japan. Now many professional golfers use their clubs, and they have also achieved the highest usage rate among amateur players in Japan as well. Let me take this opportunity to thank all of our site community for making this happen.

This site was started with the management philosophy of providing completely free independent golf club analysis and useful site content at no charge. Allow me to now report our management policy and operations going forward.

Regarding complaints against manufacturers

We will create a review contact point regarding golf manufacturers. Have you ever had the experience that "when I called the manufacturer they had terrible customer service" or "they wouldn't deal with my compliant"?
What we consider to be a good manufacturer doesn't end with developing a superior product only. Rather, not only when their golf clubs are selling well, but also when they aren't, the manufacturer should be a company that contributes to society. That is what a good manufacturer looks like. Going forward, RatingGate will endeavor to come closer to the consumer's perspective by including feedback from readers on the manufacturer in our scoring system. Oppositely, if the reader has had a positive experience, please also share your feedback with us, such as "they were kind and really listened to me" or "they dealt with my complaint really sincerely."

New Services

To date we have engaged in various small activities such as training amateur golfers so that they can become professional golfers, supporting junior golfers and free online lessons. Going forward, we will make it our goal to contribute to the golf scene in Japan by providing services that benefit consumers.

Schedule going forward

We support junior golfers as well as junior high, high school and university students nationwide by selling them golf gear at as close to cost as possible via RatingGate Preferred Shops. We will also send our pro staff to give free lessons to junior golfers and students.

Additionally, for all of the people suffering from hunger and disease in the world, we will little-by-little do what we can do to help. This will take shape through an organization called Plan Japan.

Regarding hacking of the Message Board

We will take firm action with any hacking of the online message board by contacting an organization to find the IP of the attacker, and in some cases, sue for damages.

Regarding Preferred Shops

Golfselect.com has been setup as the site to manage all RatingGate Preferred Shops. Golfselect.com will match all of the high quality golf shops across Japan with RatingGate's readers.

Going forward, a portion of the revenue from Golfselect.com and the RatingGate Preferred Shops will go to RatingGate to be used for operation expenses (golf club trial expenses, pro fees, web design, staff salaries etc). Please understand that as we are providing the most up-to-date and accurate information through our site free of charge, this is a necessary measure to keep the site running.

Regarding the positioning of Golfselect.com

Golfselect.com has been setup as the site to manage all RatingGate Preferred Shops. After purchasing an item from Golfselect.com, the high quality product ordered will be shipping directly from Golfselect.com, or one of the RatingGate Preferred Shops to the buyer.
Please contact us if you are interested in our Rating Gate Preferred Shops.

To manufacturers

Any manufacturers who would like to have their clubs analyzed by RatingGate should contact us by e-mail directly. After you have sent us the club/s, we will check its functionality. RatingGate typically does not charge any cost for this service, however, sometimes we do request reimbursement of costs incurred on our side such as shipping costs or green fees used in testing the club. However, please note that we do not accept any requests regarding the information we will display on our site after the club's analysis or our review.

Additionally, we give advice on the development of new golf gear. In that instance, we charge a separate fee for consulting and club development. However, even when we give advice, it will not impact the review we give of the club. Please understand that we only give an absolutely impartial review for our users.

It is forbidden to use our site's message board to promote or sell your company's clubs.